Boycott Kentucky

Jude Jones
6 min readSep 25, 2020

Breonna Taylor was never going to get justice. We knew this from the first days of her murder until the Kentucky AG cynically chided anyone who would suggest otherwise. So since there is a lack of justice — since the state refuses to hold itself accountable for anything outside of property loss, how can we hold the state accountable? How can we convey our pain to those who are indifferent, as if asking for empathy and care is like speaking Mandarin in Mumbai?

Money is America’s false God to which she sacrifices people to pyres for her satiation. And no matter how much we would like to live in a country that values people over property, we do not.

So we must act accordingly.

We must learn to speak the lurid language of the oppressor by embodying the object of their worship and burning it at the stake.

We must begin a statewide economic boycott of all things Kentucky. We must use their god to slay them. Only when their pockets are picked dry and their faith in finance left waning will they learn to speak our language.

Why a boycott? Why not burn it all down? Or what about voting them all out?

There is visceral satisfaction in burning indiscriminately all the vestiges of institutional power: the police stations, the courthouses, the…



Jude Jones

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